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Slim Guitfiddle

Brad Campbell (AKA: Slim Guitfiddle)

Slim Guitfiddle is a talented, hard working, self motivated music and performer who has been entertaining audiences large and small since the age of eleven years old. Area bands know Brad as a solid band member wether it’s a last minute stand-in, reliable side-man, or versatile front-man. Brad studied “American Finger-style Guitar” at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee under Professor John Stropes (Bacelorette Program circa 1988-1992)

Brad is has been employed at one of the oldest music instrument stores for over 30 years as manager, music buyer, repair technician/Luthier, and guitar instructor. So not only has he mastered the performance but genuinely understands the structure of the instruments.

Brad brings a high-energy style of vocal and guitar performance to any stage with any genre of music. His passion for music and performing comes through in a straight ahead down home stage presence that audiences will find to be unpretentious and welcoming. His forte is American blues and country, however he is very adept at jazz, Latin, rock, funk, R&B, reggae and Celtic/Irish music. His original songs embrace a unique style of retro-twang that reveals  the artist within the song.

Brad Campbell
Brad Campbell

Tango En Fuego

Danceable Duo and beyond

 In 2013, Tim's best friend, Brad Campbell, approached him to join in a duo project titled "Tango En Fuego." Together they play a range of genres: country, rock, pop, folk, Latin and reggae. They also play original tunes composed by Brad, which you can hear placed here and there in their set lists. To add some slightly exotic sounds to the mix, Tim sings in foreign languages such as Portuguese, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Tim Hourigan is a Latin percussionist who moved to Wisconsin from Idaho in 1988. He had inadvertently absorbed a passion for Latin music due to the influence of his parents, who constantly played music on the hi-fi stereo at home. It wasn't until much later—around 1999—that Tim began to teach himself how to play congas and bongos. Musically, his focus turned toward the sounds of Brazil: samba and bossa nova.

Tim's first opportunity to perform in a band was in 2004 when he joined the Prairie View Band, a seven-piece band that not only covered rock tunes, but also bluegrass and blues as well.

Tim’s influances (in no particular order): Sergio Mendes, Jimi Hendrix, Cat Stevens, Nat King Cole, João & Astrud Gilberto, Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney, Sheryl Crow, Led Zeppelin, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Ben Lee, Brooke Fraser.

Brad and Tim - Tango En Fuego
Brad and Tim - Tango En Fuego

Ben Campbell & AstroTurf

Ben Campbell

Introducing Ben Campbell and his band AstroTurf. Ben is just beginning to perform in public but, like his

father, he has been playing for several years. He plays a bit of jazz, blues, and classical.